Naude Bakstene

Naude Bakstene Management

Naude Bakstene Naude Bakstene Naude Bakstene Naude Bakstene

The owner is AP(SNR)Naudé with many years of experience and expertise. His father had the business for many years and
Alwyn took over in 1990.

The mangement staff includes AP(JNR)Naude, Alwyn’s son who handles all staff operations link to the mining and brick making legislation.

Anton Heyns has been with the business since 2004 and is the Financial Manager looking after
the financial aspects and works closely with the sales department to improve clienttel and relations.

Gerhardt van Bosch has been with us since February 2018 and has 3 years experience as product manager. He handles production of bricks and manages the brick factory.

Alwyn's other 18 year old son, Stephan Naude is part of the operational department.

Administrative Office Personnel

Naude Bakstene Naude Bakstene Naude Bakstene  

Jo-Mari Falck joined us May 2016. She handles  brick sales and the logistics of delivering the bricks, sand and rock.


Chantal Serfontein has been working for Naude since May 2017 and handles genral office administration debits and credits.
Chantal has 20 years experience in office administration.

Nossie (Ragel Fransman) our office assistant handles all matters that needs attention.


Mission + Vision Statement

NAUDE BAKSTENE BK is dynamic clay brick producer and we strive to give an excellent service towards our customers. We also mine our own clay on site and one of our policies is to protect our environment as far as possible for the upcoming generation.




Our goal is to give an excellent service and product, and that is what forms the basis of our existence.


Our goal is to operate in a safe environment for all our staff and customers health. We aim to educate our staff and uplift them as far as possible; we also train our staff as far as possible to motivate them.


We believe to provide an excellent product and to keep the cost as low as possible.